I’m Helen Bouman, A 28 year old SENIOR CREATIVE Designer from Utrecht, the Netherlands.


I grew up in a small town, but decided to move to Utrecht and enjoy the student life when I turned 18. I never left.


After an accelerated course in graphic design at the the Graphic Lyceum, I started Communication and Multimedia Design in Utrecht in 2013. In June 2017 I graduated cum laude.


During my studies in Communication and Multimedia design I specialized in visual design and did a minor in Photojournalism. To make sure that I got a lot of working experience, I did multiple internships in the graphic design field. Also all of my side jobs were related to design. I worked as a designer for our faculty magazine, was a student teacher in adobe programs like inDesign and After Effects and was a mentor in our in-house Makerspace. These experiences were very important in the progress of becoming a professional designer.


During my years as a professional creative designer, I have developed and fine tuned my design and art direction skills across various discourses including layout, animation, graphic design and web design. I have also learnt the importance of project and expectation management of various stakeholders in the digital marketing business. I've been able to stand my ground and give my design opinion during difficult high pressure situations and never failed to deliver work of the highest standards, adhering to ever changing campaign requirements. I have also learnt how to streamline workflows and produce large amount of digital and print assets on time, ranging from the assets for a digital marketing campaign to decorating the iconic London cabs and busses.


It’s my passion to design not only pretty but also functional designs for all kinds of target audiences. I’ve always been very fond of print and concept design, but later on I took a lot of interest in animation- and digital design so I developed my skills in these areas as well.


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